Welcome to Maine Episcopal Youth Events!

Fall is here.  That means it’s time for multiple Miqra opportunities:

All youth in 6th-12th grade are invited to…
Miqra: Proclaiming our Faith in Word, Prayer and Action
November 2-4 at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland

Join us for a weekend where youth from across Maine will gather to play games, enter into great conversations, meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, explore Portland and explore our faith. We’ll hold a nighttime vigil as we read the Bible cover to cover. We’ll take a look at our faith, and practice living out what we think and read and feel.  For more information about the Miqra Fall Youth Event, including registration information, click here.


Everyone in the diocese is invited to…
#MaineMiqra2018 – Diocesan Wide Public Proclamation of Scripture
November 1-4, 2018

Miqra means, “the public proclamation of Scripture” in Hebrew.  In conjunction with the Miqra Fall Youth Event, individuals, groups and congregations from across Maine are invited to participate in reading the entire canon of the Bible in four days.  Register by clicking here to read 20-30 minute assigned portions of the Bible.  You can read aloud by yourself, or with a group (parish, Bible study, family, friends, etc) anytime between Nov. 1-4, or consider coming to the Cathedral to join for 1 hour in the reading there.  You can proclaim your reading, comments or musings on social media or Facebook Live using #mainemiqra2018.  Thanks for helping us to proclaim the Gospel!


Can’t make it to Miqra?  Look out for our other upcoming events!

Each year about 50 kids in grades 6-12 come to Maine Episcopal Youth Events. Although each trip and event has a different focus, they’re always places where you’ll be accepted for who you really are and where you can explore for yourself, grow closer to Jesus Christ and grow into the person God made you to be.


For more information about Miqra or any of our events, contact Youth Missioner Sara D’Angio White at (585) 749-9125 or sdangiowhite@episcopalmaine.org.