Middle School Weekends

Middle School Events – great weekends in every way!

Winter Middle School Event 2017– for grades 6-8 – March 10-12

Instead of having a traditional event, we’ll bring kids in grades 6-9 to the Lutheran event in New Hampshire on the same dates – March 10-12.

Leadership Prep for middle school event – February 3-4

Winter Fling/Permission slip – 2 pages

Information flyer for Winter Fling for Youth information 2017

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Adventure. Service. Worship. New friends. Fun.   A Middle School Event is all these and more. Kids in grades 6-8 from all over Maine get together for a whole weekend.  They come from Episcopal churches all over the Diocese – and lots of their friends come, too.  The events are led by a Teen and Adult Staff.  The staff includes adults, priests, high schoolers and some kids who’ve been to other Middle School Events.  A few weeks before the event, the staff will get together for a Leadership Prep to get everything ready for you.


Sometimes kids ask what we’ll be doing at a Middle School Event.  We’ll play great games and go swimming. We’ll have fun, worship God, do skits, hear music and eat great food.  We’ll do activities about lots of things that relate to the lives of middle school kids. And we’ll explore friendship with Jesus, God’s love, and talking with God. You’ll have fun meeting new people.


The weekends usually begin Friday at 6:30 (after dinner) and end at 1:30 or 2pm Sunday afternoon. Your family, friends and everyone are always invited to the celebration worship or closing program on Sunday at 1:00.


If your parents or anyone in your church wants to help, ask them to contact Jane Hartwell or the event leader.

If your friends want to come, please invite them!

Fall Middle School Event