International Mission Team


Maine Episcopal Youth International Mission Teams: Our Diocese has sent high school mission teams to the Village of Jalonga in the Dominican Republic in 2005, 2007, 2009, 20011 and 2013. Each group led a Vacation Bible school and did other work beside the villagers.  Over the years, we’ve donated to projects and built relationships.


About Jalonga and the Dominican Republic:  The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking country in the Carribean. We serve in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic, and our mission work is organized by the Diocese. Many adult and youth mission teams from across the US serve in the Dominican Republic regularly. You can find out about their diocese at  Then, click on “Mission Teams.”


The village of Jalonga (pronounced “Halonga”) is located about 30 minutes to the north of San Pedro de Macoris, which is a one hour drive to the east of Santo Domingo on the southern coast of the Island of Hispanola. The town itself is a sugar bate with an unemployment rate of around 90-95%. The town’s population has a very sizable Haitian component, as Haitians are often brought in to work on sugar plantations.


Preparation: Our International Mission Teams always prepared by learning about another culture, growing closer to God, teambuilding, fundraising and learning about safety. They created a vacation bible school, which they taught in Spanish, and they worked on skits and planned activities for the children. Their emphases on prayer and spiritual growth were ongoing.


Our mission:  The teams served for about 10 days in the summer.  They flew to the Dominican Republic and were met there by missionaries from the US who work for the Dominican Diocese, and then they traveled to the village of Jalonga.  While serving in Jalonga, they lived in the local church, the Episcopal Mission of San Mateo. They joined with the church to lead a half-day Bible School for village kids. The other half of each day they did another project alongside villagers.


How to donate:  In years when we have an active mission team, please make checks payable to “Episcopal Diocese of Maine” and write “Teen Mission.”  If you are donating on behalf of a specific teen, include his or her name.  Mail to: Maine Episcopal Youth Events, Diocese of Maine, 143 State St., Portland, ME 04101.


Please pray for this ministry!