Tec – Teens Encounter Christ


TEC – Teens Encounter Christ – for high schoolers



Come and experience church in an entirely different way – designed, run, and led by your own peers. Teens at these events will meet other teens, be part of interesting discussion groups, engage in enjoyable worship, listen to talks created by other teens, play games, listen to music, and essentially have a great time. It is an excellent way to grow closer to God and others.


These events have had a powerful impact on many former participants, newcomers and staff alike.

A 10th grader from Massachusetts said: “At TEC you get to meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones. You can be open and honest and have everyone support you and love you for who you truly are. You can become more in touch with God and discover creative new ways to pray. It is a really fun weekend that I don’t want to miss out on!!!”


A high school senior said: “It gives me a feeling that is hard to describe. I feel God all around me, in everything I do. It makes me realize God’s always with us, no matter what. I become closer to God in ways I never even imagined.”


If you are a high schooler willing to move closer to God or others, engage in honest discussions, enjoy great music and worship, and meet new friends, come to TEC. There are no requirements – you don’t have to be Episcopalian, you don’t need to believe in God – Just come with an open heart.

  – written by a high school junior