Miqra Fall Youth Event

Proclaiming our Faith in Word, Prayer and Action

(Looking to register for the diocesan-wide #MaineMiqra2018? Click here.)

Friday, November 2 at 6:30p.m. to Sunday, November 4 at 3:00p.m.
at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland
134 Park Street (back entrance), Portland, ME
Family and friends are invited to come to the closing program on Sunday at 2:00pm 


Faith is something that we often keep to ourselves.  But what does it look like when we proclaim it?  That answer is both different for everyone, yet often surprisingly similar.  Join youth in grades 6-12 from across the Diocese of Maine as we proclaim our faith in Word, with a reading of the entire Bible, Prayer, with singing and worship, and Action, by getting out into our community and serving others.  All youth in grades 6-12 are invited!  Think about bringing a friend!


Answers to FAQS: 

What’s the cost? Early registration is $38 or $15 with financial aid (you are early if you register by October 19). After that it’s $48 or $20 with financial aid. 100% financial aid is available.

What kinds of things will we do? We’ll experience church in an entirely different way – designed, run, and led by your own peers. Teens at this event will meet other teens, be part of interesting discussion groups, engage in enjoyable worship, listen to talks created by other teens, play games, listen to music, and essentially have a great time. We’ll also spend part of our weekend serving people in our community, and participate in a reading of the Bible from cover to cover.

What should I bring? sleeping bag, pillow, mattress (optional), comfortable clothes, swimsuit, shower stuff, towel, some homework (optional), a snack or dessert to contribute (no nuts or peanut butter). Don’t bring: money or anything valuable.
Who can come? All high schoolers in grades 6-12. Feel free to invite your friends!

Who can be on staff and when is prep? Any teen who has previously attended a high school event can be on youth staff.  We will have “Prep Weekend,” when teen and adult staff gather to prepare for the event, the weekend of Sat-Sun, Oct. 13-14, at St. John’s in Bangor.  Please contact Sara D’Angio White (contact info below) if you’d like to be on staff.  Adults interested in volunteering can also contact Sara.

Stay tuned: We will be inviting people from across the diocese to virtually join them in reading the entire canon of the Bible in a week-long vigil.  This is a great way for youth who aren’t able to come to the event to get involved!

Contact: Youth Missioner Sara D’Angio White is available to answer any questions: (585) 749-9125 or sdangiowhite@episcopalmaine.org.  Let me know if you want to volunteer as adult or youth staff!