Teen Leaders

Every youth event has many teen and adult volunteers…

Who gets to be on the staff for youth events?  This is a question which we often hear.


Any high schooler who has been to TEC can be on the staff of that event. You need to be willing to serve God and other people. You don’t have to believe any certain things, but you do need to be open to knowing Jesus better. You need to come to the Prep weekend.  There’s room for everyone. You’ll get a letter in January (for TEC). If we mess up and you don’t get one, just e-mail us.


Have ever wondered how the TEC Rectors are chosen? All seniors can apply in January.  The TEC Board meets together and discerns who will be Rector.  It’s usually a high school senior.  Then the Rector chooses the Assistant.


High schoolers who are excellent Christian role models and willing to work hard to minister to middle schoolers can also volunteer to serve at middle school events. Having lots of high schoolers helps make events great!  Contact the event leaders as soon as you can before the Team Prep.


Seventh and eighth graders can volunteer to be on the staff of middle school events if you have been to two events and are willing to serve Christ and others. You need to be able to be a Christian role model and to control your behavior so if all the participants copied your behavior, good things would happen. To volunteer, contact the event leader as soon as you can before the Team Prep.